Super-hard material cutting tools is not only the cutting of high hardness materials ideal tool, but also suitable for high speed precision and automation processing, especially with super-hard material cutting tools to car generation by generation grinding whet, milling, more efficient and low consumption. Strong adaptability, reduce lead-time etc, has high precision in the demand, batch major car parts processing is widely used. Although this kind of tool than carbide class expensive, but as long as processing objects and condition selecting moderation, apportioned to each workpiece cutting costs instead below carbide cutting tools. If the company in PCD cutting tools faw fine boring silicon alloy material of the piston pin hole (V = 160m/min, f = 0.08-0.10 mm/r, a = 0.05 mm). , the cutting tool durability of 42500 pieces, is original carbide cutting tools of 90 times, surface roughness value by original *, intending can reduce assembly and adjustment tool auxiliary time 30min to each workpiece, apportion cutting costs than carbide cutting tools down about 85%.

PCBN tool wear resistance than at the end of the coating of cemented carbide cutting tools, high 50 times than coating of cemented carbide cutting tools, high knife times than ceramic knives high 25 times, but only nearly half of the diamond tool.

Second, superhard materials abrasive in mechanical manufacturing application metal material processing. Not only can replace common mold grinding, and can realize casting, forging blank piece of the high speed, efficient processing, one-time completed rough and fine grinding. Particularly suitable for forming, imitation shape and decide the size of the precision grinding, can make grinding quality and grinding efficiency get several times and even decuple enhancement.

Hard alloy products and difficult grinding material processing. Hard alloy high hardness, wear resistance, use superhard materials instead of traditional silicon carbide and corundum abrasive machining carbide workpiece, can prevent the surface of workpiece burns, micro cracks. Gaps or metamorphic layer is too deep defects and the improvement of the machining efficiency and save grinding cost.

Superhard materials hardness than ordinary abrasive much higher, the grinding ability with composite involute jumping gears inner hole broach to machining hole, the advantage is: (1) using this skill knife machining, because of the spline hole can be reliably keep the inner hole each form surface between the coaxial tolerance, and therefore can be in the subsequent processing process with path round face unified as the locating datum 2) composite involute jumping gears inner hole broach is a kind of quality, economic are better broach. Because of this skill knife cutter tooth the reasonable arrangement of jumping gears mode and spline blade open lateral clearance of cutter tooth structure, can reliably guarantee giambi knife manufacturing quality, greatly facilitate broach manufacturing, this kind of skill knife manufacturing costs almost and ordinary composite involute broach the same. For ordinary abrasive 2000-10000) times, so hard alloy the various forms of grinding can all be superhard materials to achieve. Ceramic materials processing.


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